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Our employees exemplify the spirit of our company collaborative, supportive and engaging. They are dedicated to delivering great service at Woodlands Transport. We recognise and reward excellent performances at all levels, and always trust our employees with the responsibilities given to them.

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As a Bus Captain, a positive and professional attitude goes a way long to delivering good customer-service. Wang Bing, Bus Captain

Wang Bing, an unassuming and stoic Woodlands Transport Bus Captain, hails from Shandong, China. He was introduced to the job through a recruitment exercise seven years ago, and has never looked back since.

Despite encountering initial difficulties in adjusting to the foreign environment and communication challenges, Wang Bing s dedicated work ethic and perseverance saw him overcome those odds. Today, he is a proud recipient of the company s five-year long service award.

Wang Bing s service route see him ply between pick up points at Sentosa and the city. Once, a customer left a bag filled with cash on the bus. Upon discovering it, Wang Bing immediately handed the bag over to the authorities, to be returned to its rightful owner. Wang Bing was commended for his integrity and professionalism for this incident.

In his role as a Bus Captain, Wang Bing believes good customer service starts with a smile. This dedicated Bus Captain is also a firm believer in practising road safety he advocates regularly giving way to other road-users such as cyclists, cars and motorcycles.

Being far from his family for long periods of time, Wang Bing naturally misses his wife and two children. However, he makes regular trips back home for visits and attributes this ability to do so to the company s flexible management and people-centric culture. Wang Bing hopes to continue providing excellent service to his customers as a Bus Captain with Woodlands Transport and is positive about his future with the company.


As a foreign worker in Singapore, to be able to work in a company where the big bosses treat all its employees as members of one big family is a big draw. Sun Jie, Bus Captain

Originally from Jilin in China, Sun Jie took up a job offer as Bus Captain with Woodlands Transport during a recruitment exercise there. Now six years into the job, he has no regrets.

Sun Jie s route lies in the western part of the city. He averages more than 500 trips daily, shuttling at least 300 customers daily on their daily commutes to and from work. His regular commuters are so familiar with him now that they enjoy greeting him when they board his bus. On one occasion, Sun Jie proudly shows off a shiny but small trinket tied to his smart phone, which a loyal commuter gifted him.

As a bus captain, Sun Jie believes that observing traffic safety rules, being timely and available, and providing a clean environment onboard his bus, are elements of good service. Sun Jie takes pride in his work and although he is not as fluent in English as he wishes, he enjoys working in Singapore and the company of his colleagues.

Although living and working far away from his family, Sun Jie is able to make regular visits back home to see his family. He attributes this to the company s understanding but professional management of its people resources. Sun Jie hopes to be able to continue his career at Woodlands Transport for as long as it is possible and is positive about his future with the company.


If bus captains were perceived by society to be of a higher status than it is now, it would help attract young talent who can re-energise the industry.Tan Kock Leong, Bus Depot Operations Manager.

53-year-old Tan Kock Leong started off his career at Woodlands Transport as a Bus Captain back in 1988.

Despite the long and sometimes irregular hours in the early days, Kock Leong earned his stripes through his steady commitment to the job and subsequently rose through the ranks to become Operations Supervisor, and now as Operations Manager overseeing the companys bus department.

Kock Leong is one of the longest serving employees at Woodlands Transport. Now into his 26th year with the company, Kock Leongs passion and dedication to his profession has deepened and he constantly seeks to improve services offered to customers and clients.

Kock Leong first met his wife, who used to work at Woodlands Transport, through one of the companys Christmas gift exchange parties. Over the years, with the support of an understanding family and the companys pro-family culture, Kock Leong has been able to grow in his career.

As a transport veteran with years of experience under his belt, he hopes that younger workers will view the job of the bus captain as one that can provide a stable income, bring up a family and provide professional opportunities to grow.


“Working at Woodlands Transport is like being part of a very large family where everyone knows each other.”
Supaa’d Sahid, Bus Captain

One of the longer serving employees at Woodlands Transport is 49-year-old Bus Captain Supaad Sahid. The father of three teenagers cite flexible hours, a company culture that promotes family values, and job security as reasons he has been with the company for 16 years. With the company, Supaad was able to upgrade his driving license from a Class 3 to 4 and finally, a Class 5 which means he is cleared to handle vehicles from motor-cars to large trailers.

Supaa d s office is a 45-seater bus which he keeps in tiptop condition as if it was his own. During the course of his driving assignments, he enjoys meeting and interacting with customers including commuters and tourists. One of his fondest memories was having a group of visitors from Khazakstan invite him and his family to visit them and offer him a job as a driver in their country.

Such moments, as well as regular passengers buying him the occasional breakfast and coffee, makes him appreciate his job as a bus captain with Woodlands Transport.

Supaad hopes to continue in this role and provide bus transport services to Woodlands Transport customers for as long as he is still able to, until he retires.


The company recognises the work that I do and has rewarded my performance by trusting me with responsibility. I value this trust they have placed in me and believe I will do well in my career with the company. Rahman Haron, Senior Workshop Executive

46-year-old Rahman Harons CV with his employer Woodlands Transport reads like a faultless example of a star employee – the Senior Workshop Executive has been employed with the company for seven years and promoted three times.

Rahman started off as an Administrative Assistant and within a year, was promoted to Supervisor. Four years on, he was made Service Executive and then eventually, to his current position as Senior Workshop Executive two years later.

This gradual but sure climb in his career with Woodlands Transport was made possible by his dedication to his job from the start. The company also recognised and nurtured Rahmans potential by sending him for work skills qualifications courses to upgrade his skills. Rahman now expertly handles the demands of administrative responsibility, running the companys vehicle workshops and supervising a team of 30 mechanics.

This capability was put to the test when Rahman was asked to help organise the companys 2010 annual dinner and dance no mean feat for anyone to do for a company with 1,000 staff! He was deeply honoured at being selected to be part of the organising committee and strived to put on the best party for his managers and colleagues. His efforts and diligence was duly rewarded after the event by a congratulatory email from the company directors a simple but sincere gesture, and more than enough recognition for Rahman.

Rahman believes he can excel in his career at Woodlands Transport, where performance is recognised and rewarded.


Treat passengers like they are your own friends visiting from out of town. Alan Tan, Bus Captain

Within five years into his role as Bus Captain for Woodlands Transport, 36-year-old Alan Tan Siong Lee was selected to be part of a group of drivers to provide transport service to world leaders at the 2009 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting.

Hesitant at first, but because of his training and conscientious attitude, Alan took the task in his stride and performed admirably. This singular event became the highlight of his career, proving that an ordinary job such as driving a bus can have its special moments too.

Alan came into this role as a bus captain through the recommendation of a friend, who persuaded him to try out the position. Alan attributes his service attitude to his mentor who taught him about providing good service standards during his job orientation. While on the job, not only did Alan pick up valuable skills such as customer service, his English language skills also improved.

Alans work ethics, service attitude and going the extra mile for passengers represent the ethos of Woodlands Transport as a customer and people-centric organisation anchored on service excellence and reliability. He also credits his employer Woodlands Transport, for providing a professional but nurturing work environment that has helped him excel in his job, and find satisfaction and fulfillment in his role as a bus captain.