Construction Transport Services

Construction Transport Services

In Woodlands Transport, we believe that transport is more than just about ferrying people and have adapted to meet the requirements of our fast-evolving transport industry. Since the 70s, we expanded our business to provide Construction Transport Services which includes the transportation of construction materials and are now, the dominant transporter of precast concrete components, ready-mixed concrete and basic building raw materials.

Our expertise lies in providing services to the construction industry, including the provision of heavy vehicles and drivers to execute deliveries. We have an extensive fleet of more than 900 construction-related vehicles & equipments for use in various developments including mega infrastructural projects such as the Thomson East Coast Line, Downtown Lines (MRT) Public & Private Housing and Integrated Resorts projects.

Our technically-trained staff from our very own engineering department in strategically-located workshops ensures that our vehicles’ downtime is minimised and this underpins our logistical service.

Our construction services:


  • Cement Tankers
  • Lorry Cranes
  • Mixer Trucks
  • Prime Movers & Trailers
  • Roll-On Roll-Off

Woodlands Transport’s Cement tankers are solely used to transporting bulk cement from cement terminals or factories to various locations all around the island and neighboring islands such as Pulau Semakau.

Many of the tankers are GPS-enabled and integrated within a Vehicle Monitoring System. This enhances productivity, enabling smoother dispatching, easy monitoring and quicker response to changes in demand.

Our fleet of vehicles with varying capacities enable us to offer our clients a high quality of service – reliable and 24-hours service. In addition, we have the flexibility and ability to meet spikes in demand with cross-deployment of tankers.

Our point-to-point transportation involve bulk cement and slag. Our cement tanker capacity range between 10-20 mt and we have numerous prime mover-trailers that have capacities ranging from 32-50 mt to meet the varying needs of the business partners.

Woodlands Transport’s Lorry Crane services are geared towards the transporting and unloading of bagged cement or cement-based materials and smaller precast components. Our wide range of capacity lorry with various tonnage enable us to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.

Our Lorry Crane are fitted with Remote Control Lever which enable the operator to operate the hoisting in a more accurate and precise off-loading location.

Woodlands Transport’s mixer trucks are GPS-enabled, and integrated with our Clients Vehicle Monitoring System to enhance productivity; enabling smoother dispatching, easy monitoring and quicker response to changes.

Our service involves transporting ready-mixed concrete from our Clients Batching Plants to their customers sites and discharging the concrete as directed into pump trucks / steel buckets / form works.

We have to also ensure that the integrity of the ready-mixed concrete is not compromised during haulage, with measures such as covering the vertical receiving hopper from the rain (preventing the ingress of water), keeping the drum in rotation so as to agitate the mix and delay the hardening process.

Woodlands Transport’s Prime movers are heavy-duty vehicles that provide enough motive power to serve the heavy haulage transportation needs of our Clients. Our prime movers are excellently maintained to ensure prompt and reliable services at all times.

We have a great deal of flexibility in what we can transport. The metal frames or racks mounted on our trailers can be customised according to clients needs for safe loading or unloading, as well as protection from damages on a wide range of precast concrete components. This flexibility in the design allows our trailers to be used to transport other goods such as steel reinforcement, be it straight or cut and bent bars.

Woodlands Transport’s Roll-On Roll-Off trucks are currently utilised for the collection and transportation of Scrap Metal within and at our Clients job sites or premises. Also commonly used to contain loads of construction and demolition waste or other waste types