Management Commitment

Top Management is committed and take overall accountability for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health through the following:

  • Provision of safe and health workplace and work activities;
  • Ensure safety and health (include mental well-being) as part of the business operational requirements;
  • Provision of adequate resources needed to establish, implement and improve the OH&S Management System;
  • Establish OH&S Policy and Objectives;
  • Communicate to all employees the importance of effective OH&SMS and conforming to it
  • Engaging, directing and supporting managers and employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the OH&SMS through clear roles, responsibilities and authorities;
  • Developing, leading and promoting a culture that put safety and health as priority at work;
  • Protect employees from reprisal when reporting incidents, hazards, risk and opportunities;
  • Ensure a process is in place to enable employee’s consultation and participation;
  • Conduct annual management review meeting to review the OH&S performance and identify continual improvement initiatives